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The Temple of the Witch Series 2023

Featured Class:

A Peek Behind the Veils

Sigils, Spells and the Quantum World

DATES: October 11 and October 18

TIME: 7:00pm – 8:45pm

​FEE: $25 (includes both sessions)

This 2-week class will explore the mechanics of our magickal workings. Why and how do spells work? What are we setting into motion as we send these desires out into the astral-and beyond? Does the creation of a sigil act as anchor for our workings? Or, does it call into form a new point of interaction and thought form? These are some of the aspects of magick we will discuss.

  Topics will include:

  • Crating effective magick through spell and sigil;
  • Shifting our point of intention and perspective to reach our goals;
  • The intersection of science and magick; 
  • The unified fields of magickal outcome… and more. ​

 ​​Theory and Praxis will be incorporated into each of the classes supporting practical application to any spiritual practice. ​​

​​To Register for this class…

1.  Please use the paypal button below to complete your registration:
        FEE:    $25 (includes both sessions)                                     

2.  You will be contacted via email after receipt of your registration and participation in your event will be confirmed. You will also receive the ZOOM invitation link for your event with simple instructions about accessing. 


PE Studies: A Peek Behind the Veils

Part Six of the Temple of the Witch Series 2023


Out of state, already filled up with obligations? We offer distance learning for these events. Many are already using this option.  Simply log-in using the ZOOM invitation link sent to you when your registered and you’re all set. 


All classes are recorded and uploaded to a password protected web page. Each week the page is populated with the work of that specific week.  The entire series is available after the last class and may be purchased at any time for at-your-own pace study and listening.  This has been an appreciated option for participants as we know life sometimes throws us a curve ball and we have to miss a class or two.

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