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The Witch’s Pyramid: A Different Perspective


August 20.2016

A 5-Hr. Intensive

We all desire greater knowledge, but often neglect the responsibility that is partner to gaining more wisdom. The Goddess Cerridwen and her Cauldron of Knowledge contained the potion of transformation that would call to its drinker a state of perfection and ultimate wisdom.

This workshop will explore the journey taken in pursuit of perfection of mind, knowledge and true wisdom. This is a journey of many pathways and the sacred geometry inherent in entering through these portals becomes the sacred architecture of a Temple of Power within.

We will use the power of the Witch’s Pyramid and its precepts: To Know- To Will- To Dare and To Be Silent. The ingredients of this special brew will be claimed as we open to recognizing the steps towards greater knowledge – Honing The Will towards embracing transformation- Take action To Dare to step on the path to the Higher SELF – and Awaken to the Silence of crossing through the Gates of true Gnosis and the Cauldron of Knowledge brewing within.


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