Celestial Tides: Days of Light, Dark and Balance

Temple of the Moon
Part Four
3-Wks. – July 11 – 25.2017

Great power is held in the magick of the Equinoxes and the Solstices. These are times of change and the balance of the Equinox offers the point of neutrality between the burgeoning Light and Dark of the Solstices. The Great Wheel of the Year uses these days of power as anchor and stimulus for the Sabbats of Devotion held between.

This 3-wk series will provide the lore of these celestial tides, the astrological points of note and reveal the gifts of cyclical nature that are held in the honoring of these auspicious days.

The classes will be a synthesis of experience, theory and techniques for enhancing ritual and personal practice.

FEE: For complete 3-wk session
Regular: $40
ASW: $30

What to Bring:
Note taking supplies