PEStudies: Celestial Tides-Days of Light, Dark and Balance

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Current Course: Celestial Tides-Days of Light, Dark and Balance

audio-Celestial Tides Welcome and Introduction

All Session:
TOM4-Celestial Tides 1-Course Syllabus

Session One
Overview of the Course

TOM4-Celestial Tides-Session One
TOM4-CelestialTides 1-Handout-Archeoastronomy is…
TOM4-CelestialTides 1-HandoutThe Illuminated Wheel


Special: Pathworking Only – Standing in the Center

audio-TOM4-Pathworking-Session One

audio-TOM4-Celestial Tides 1a

audio-TOM4-CelestialTides 1b

audio-TOM4-Celestial Tides 1c

A Humorous Beginning aka the  Outtake!

This was the original introduction to Week One that took a turn towards the giggles, Game of Thrones and a soap opera. Enjoy!

audio-Celestial Tides 1-Outtakes

Session Two
Days of Light and Dark
The Solstices

TOM4-Celestial Tides-Session Two
TOM4-Celestial Tides 2-Ancient Symbols of Creation
TOM4-Celestial Tides 2-The Dance of Moon and Sun


audio-TOM4-Celestial Tides 2a

audio-TOM4-Celestial Tides 2b

Session Three
Days of Balance
The Equinoxes

TOM4-Celestial Tides-Session Three
TOM4-Celestial Tides 3-The Energetic Tantra of the Wheel
TOM4-Celestial Tides-Handout-Illuminated Wheel astro correlates


audio-TOM4-Celestial Tides 3a

End of Sessions Ritual Component:

audio-TOM4-Celestial Tides 3b-Ritual

Reference Pictures of Altars:

Cycle of the Celestial Tides

The Sun Stands At the Center of All

The Winter Solstice

The Spring Equinox

The Summer Solstice

The Autumnal Equinox

And, The Cycle Begins Anew

Many Blessings on Your New Found Journey of the Sun….