Accessing Your Course


Purchasing A Course:

Courses may be purchased through PayPal. Within 48hrs. of confirmed payment, you will receive a link and the password to a protected access page. You will also Please be sure that the email associated with your payment is correct.

File Format:

The handouts are provided in pdf format. To save your files, right click and select the save option.

Audio files are in mp3 format.  Right-click the embedded player to download and save the file to your computer or select the MP3 Link and right click to download and save.

NOTE:  I (and others) have tested these files on a variety of devices, including mobile, computer and tablet. They are saved in standard formats that should not present any problems in downloading if you have downloaded mp3’s and pdf’s in the past.

You may download a free Adobe pdf reader here:
Free Adobe Reader

2 thoughts on “Accessing Your Course

  1. Dear Robin,

    Is your Qabala class access no longer available since the class has already begun? I wasn’t aware of the class and that I could access it online until last night at our business meeting. I’ve just tried to access the class material using the password provided and I am unable to do so. I also do not see a way to access your lectures. Part of the problem may be that I am not that ‘techno’ savvy.
    I know you are VERY busy but any help you can provide will be much appreciated.
    Maggie, Grail of the Birch Moon

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