Converging Paths: The Streams of East and West

This series of workshops is a presentation of The Pagan Experience Study Group 2016 Series…..

Awakening to Magick: Part Four
Tuesday Evenings @ 7:00-9:30pm:

This class meets for 4-wks on 7/19 – 7/26 – 8/2 – 8/9
FEE: $40 for 4-wks

For years the spiritual paths of Western Mystery Traditions and Eastern Practices have moved on a parallel course yet neither accessed the best of the other to promote spiritual and magickal growth. This is no longer the case as meditation, breathing protocol and energetic awareness have brought about a convergence of two distinct streams of philosophy and practice.

This workshop will explore the best practices of Western Hermetics and Eastern Alchemy. We will experience the magick of meditation informed by pagan belief; the awakening of the chakras and subtle bodies as vehicles for producing greater energy for magick and personal growth and the use of Tattvic correspondences as elemental tools. This class will be a synthesized balance of experience, theory and practical application.