Celestial Human: Planetary Gifts

Temple of the Moon
Part Six
September 5 – October 24.2017

The planets have long been revered as bodies in space that stand apart from our earthly experience; only becoming noteworthy in their impacts as science has reached beyond what we know of our planet’s life.

Those who work with the hermetic principles and astrological discipline know of the greater impact all of the celestial bodies have on the human experience. These planets are energetic companions as we travel the path of spiritual evolvement and accessing their potency forges a deeper communion with the Cosmos.

This 8-wk series will provide the tools to craft an effective connection with the energy of the planets and their corresponding energetic resonances within our spiritual and mundane forms. We will also identify the ruling planet of our natal blueprint (astrological birth chart) and how that energy plays out.

Topics will include:
Discussion of the 7 Elder Planets and the 3 of Enlivening
The archetypes and energetic correspondences of the planets
Energetic practice that cultivates awareness and sensitivity to the planetary bodies
Energetic Anatomy of the Manifest and Etheric Forms
And more…

FEE: For complete 4-wk session
Regular: $75
ASW: $30

What to Bring:
Note taking supplies
1st Class: Your birth information to include:
Date of Birth
Time of Birth
Geographic Location of Birth