Astrological Gifts 2017


Welcome to 2017 and a new year of pathworkings that hold the resonance of astrology and planetary magick. This page is companion to the Temple of the Cosmic Spheres Blog.  Blessings…

February 10.2017
Full Moon in Leo and Lunar Eclipse

Receptive Ground:Full Moon in Leo

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April 11.2017
Full Moon in Libra

The Book of Creative Mind

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April 26.2017
New Moon in Taurus

Calling the Four Holy Creatures

This is an edited live recording of a New Moon ritual participants of Under the Veil of Night:Lunar Magick series experienced. These photos may be used as visual reference as you enter the Temple of the Moon with us….


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October 6.2017
Full Moon in Aries

Rekindling Hope! A Pathworking of Renewal

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