Astrological Gifts 2016


This page is companion to the Temple of the Cosmic Spheres Blog. I will be posting audio and transcript of select pathworkings that hold the resonance of astrology and planetary magick.

February 20.2016
Full Moon in Virgo
9209367_f260The Hall of Virgo

March 8.2016
New Moon in Pisces


A Gift of the Heart Meditation
Recorded Meditation

March 23.2016
Full Moon in Libra

A Delicate Balance
Recorded Meditation

April 22.2016
Full Moon in Scorpio

Light Arising From the Moon
Recorded Meditation

May 6.2016
New Moon in Taurus

Nuit’s Moon of Creation
Recorded Meditation

May 21.2016
Full Moon in Sagittarius

Flowering Embers
Recorded Meditation

June 20.2016
Full Moon of the Solstice

This recording was done outside. So, there are street sounds as well; but the magick is present and palpable. Enjoy.

Journey into the Tree
Recorded Meditation

July 19.2016
Full Moon in Capricorn


Step by Step
Recorded Meditation

August 2.2016
New Moon in Leo


The Healing Temple
Recorded Meditation

August 18.2016
Full Moon in Aquarius


Electrified Mind: A Vision of Self
Recorded Meditation

September 16.2016
Full Moon in Pisces


This meditation is highly personal and it is important that you have a place where you feel comfortable and are able to make as much noise as is needed. If necessary, find a quiet spot, park your car and sit in the solitude and privacy of your vehicle.Allow yourself to surrender to what arises and then let it go! The intention is not to hold onto any of these feelings that surface. Ready to Howl?

The Divine Wild
Recorded Meditation

September 30.2016
New Moon in Libra

Into the Dark
Recorded Meditation

October 22 .2016
4th Quarter Moon in Leo
Sun in Scorpio

The Hall of Scorpio
Recorded Meditation

October 30 .2016
New Moon in Scorpio
Sun in Scorpio
46490814 - dark forest with campfire at night

Calling to the Ancestors
Recorded Meditation

November 7 .2016
Astrological Samhain
First Quarter Moon in Aquarius

Future’s Gate
Recorded Meditation


November 29 .2016
New Moon in Sagittarius
A Shot in the Dark

Recorded Meditation


If you are interested in a course of study that is an introduction to Astrology, please check out It’s Written in the Stars.

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