Tarot Studies

Tarot Series 2018
Part One: Unlocking the Tarot

Length: 5hrs.
FEE: $50

This workshop intensive is an exploration of the Tarot as a tool for seeking information, personal alignment and opening the doorway to the inner realms.

Topics will include:
The traditional meanings of the 78 Keys;
Esoteric and Mundane Symbology;
The pathway to the inner mysteries in each Key;
The 21 Gates of the Major Arcana;
Contemplative Tarot and personal practice;
And, more.

We will conclude the class with a reading informed by opening the Gates to Inner Wisdom as we walk the Journey of the Fool.

This class is suitable for beginner and experienced studies of the Tarot and will serve as a foundation for those planning to attend “The Illuminated Tarot” series in August.

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A Walk Through the Major Arcana


Length: 5hrs.
FEE: $50

This workshop moves through the cards of the Major Arcana as metaphors for our spiritual journey and application of the “Journey of the Fool”. Each card is explored in poetic representation and through pathworking to reveal the underlying theme of transformation and deeper understanding that may be used in practical application both our mundane and spiritual paths. We will discuss the psychological interface of each of the cards and their individual archetypal energies.

The class will conclude with a Pathworking, allowing each participant to attune to the energies of a randomly selected card.


  • Prior knowledge of the tarot is helpful, but not required.
  • A visual Study Sheet of the cards is supplied, but I would highly recommend purchasing a deck of the Rider-Waite Tarot cards for future study.

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Tarot Series 2018
Part Two: Illuminated Tarot

Length: Four 2.5 Hr. Sessions
FEE: $45

One of the primary uses of Tarot is that of seeking information for others or for ourself. This workshop will explore various Tarot spreads that can be used; how to establish the energetic connection to make the reading more relevant and the preparations taken to open yourself as the reader to more informed and deeper resonance with the answers surrounding. We will be doing readings for each other.

Knowledge of the basic meanings of the cards of the tarot is helpful, but not required!

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