Temple of the Sun 2018

Welcome to the Temple of the Sun Studies 2018

Each year the Pagan Experience Study Group has a themed focus for the year’s coursework. The year I am pleased to announce the studies will explore the Solar Mysteries in the Temple of the Sun.

About Temple of the Sun 2018:

This year’s offering of classes focuses on the Sun in all of its forms, astronomical, astrological and its use for Solar Magick. Although many of the sessions will have an emphasis on the Egyptian alchemy and pantheon, the work will be presented in a way of application that will easily apply to any spiritual/magickal practice.

As courses become available throughout the year, you will be able to join us for online access to the audio and handouts from each session. Please use the links to the FB page of information about the course for those not yet available.

The Fees listed are the same as if you attended the course in person. You will have access to the files and may email me with questions or insights at any time. Courses are payable through the Paypal links. If you are a member of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, please contact me for your special rate. Please review the page below with more information about the how to:
Accessing Your Course

Part One: 6 -wks.
January 16 – February 27

Solar Magick: The Journey of the Solar Barque

This workshop will explore the journey of the Solar Barque of the ancient Egyptians in which Ra, the Supreme Solar God, was believed to traverse the sky each day and pass through the realms of the underworld (Du’at) each night on another solar barge to reappear in the east every morning. This is the story of the Sun on any given day and the turning away from its light as we enter the time of night.  Discussion of the luminaries that travel with RA, the changing of Ra’s identification and the battle with the great serpent in the Underworld are some of the topics to be covered.

As we move through this journey in our weekly sessions, the deeper application metaphorically and literally in our magical and spiritual practice will be revealed as we claim our place as RA.  This workshop will be a balanced offering of experiential, theory and tools for practical application.

FEE: $70
Length: Each weekly session is 2.5 hrs.

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Part Two: April 3 – May 22.                7-wks.
No Class on Election Day- May 15

Egyptian Alchemy: Opening the Way

This 7-week series will explore the philosophies and components of Egyptian High Alchemy and its intention of transforming the psyche of the ordinary human into the illuminated being of spiritual power and essence.

Self-awareness, accessing our subtle vibrations and the seamless interface between the human and the Divine prime the physical vessel to awaken to their body of light and mantle of the Human Divine. Topics will include:

Traditional Alchemy and the High Alchemy of Egypt
Energetic Anatomy and Spiritual Practice
The Egyptian concept of the parts of the Soul
Sound and vibration within the Cosmos
The Heka of Aset and Asar (Isis and Osiris)
Rebirth as Horus
And, more….

This workshop will be highly experiential and specific daily practices will be encouraged as the course progresses.

FEE: $70
Length: Each weekly session is 2.5 hrs.

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Part Three: June 5 – June 19            3-wks.
Illuminated Ritual: Creation of the Sacred

Ritual can offer a profound and rich experience that will enhance you spiritual or magickal practice. A well-planned ritual can lift your spirits and inform the path you have chosen. And, a self-created ritual provides the opportunity to infuse it with your personal energy and signature, setting into motion the pattern of resonance from the start.

This 3-wk workshop will provide the tools and inspiration to create a template for personal and /or group ritual experience. Topics will include:

Creating sacred space;
Tips and techniques for purification and pre-ritual grounding;
Invocation or Evocation;
Deities, Guides and Guardians;
Workings that move energy;
Timing;And, more.

FEE: $30
Length: Each weekly session is 2.5 hrs.

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Part Five: September 25 – October 30             6-wks.
Ma’at and Order in the Chaos: The Hermetic Laws in Action


This 6-week series will explore the concept of Ma’at as both the form of Goddess and as the embodiment and ideology of Order. This necessary Order maintained the balance of a universe that was by nature, borne of chaos in accord with the universal laws.

We begin our series with celebration of the Autumnal Equinox and end with a special calling to the Ancestors as we pave the way for Samhain.

We will discuss the Universal Laws that flow through all of life’s workings and the Hermetic principles that engage and act upon these laws as Ma’at exacts Her order.

As a special component of this series, on Tuesday, October 23rd we will stand in ritual and seek the blessings of the Ancestors as we part the Veils and commune with our beloveds. For more information and to RSVP, please visit the FB event page for this special event:

Part Six: November 6 – December 4               5-wks.
The Midnight Sun: Standing in the Shadow


This series of classes heralds the start of next year’s work of awakening to the power of the Shadow within. Now we stand in the light of darkness that is the Midnight Sun; fertile and potent waters that birth what we wish to create and re-shape as the gift of ourself.

Topics will include:
Identifying what your definition of the ‘Shadow” is;
How to co-create with this aspect of yourself;
The Great Work of the Shadow;
The Dark Night of the Soul;
What are the spiritual and archetypal energies inherent in the shadow;
Calling the Shadow into the Light;
And, more….

This workshop will be highly experiential and the tools and lessons gained will serve to integrate all parts of Self.

What to bring:
Note taking supplies
A Journal to record your process of integration- we will dedicate this journal at the first class
Water and a Snack