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Many of us are unable to attend gatherings and continue with our studies in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to offer access to one course of your selection at no charge to you, There are some freebies on this site already, but this offer extends to those that have occurred as fee-based offerings.

How This Works:

* Take a look at the list of course offerings and descriptions. These can be found in the drop down menu – INDEX OF COURSES…

* Select the course you would like to access and complete the CONTACT US (top row of tabs): Follow the link to access the contact form and request your course.

* When I receive your request, I will email you the link to the password protected page of files (handouts and audio) and provide you with the password.

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Currently in Session and Available…

The Temple of the Sun
Part Two

Egyptian Alchemy

Opening the Way

This 7-week series will explore the philosophies and components of Egyptian High Alchemy and its intention of transforming the psyche of the ordinary human into the illuminated being of spiritual power and essence.

Self-awareness, accessing our subtle vibrations and the seamless interface between the human and the Divine prime the physical vessel to awaken to their body of light and mantle of the Human Divine. Topics will include:

Traditional Alchemy and the High Alchemy of Egypt
Energetic Anatomy and Spiritual Practice
The Egyptian concept of the parts of the Soul
Sound and vibration within the Cosmos
The Heka of Aset and Asar (Isis and Osiris)
Rebirth as Horus
And, more….

Read more and register here…. Temple of the Sun 2018

Two Options for Learning!

Thank you for visiting Teachings on the Path! The courses featured on this web page are live workshops that have been offered at various locations and include the audio and handouts from each. This is an opportunity to experience the class as though you were present and hear comments, questions and insights from the participants. Be sure to check out the Samples and Freebies page for complete coursework from select classes. The fee-based courses can be accessed through the Index of Courses and have links to paypal for your convenience.

For those of you who would prefer coursework that is formatted as a year long study, visit A Witch’s Sacred Journey webpage. We finished the Year and A Day on the Wiccan Path” studies earlier this year and have begun the second installment entitled, “Cornerstones of Magick: Building A Temple of the Wise”.

Many of you have asked about upcoming workshops and expressed an interest in registering for the in-person event. I will be adding an event page soon.

Many you be richly blessed with opportunities to learn, grow and share the wonders of a spiritual path….

Out and About Freebies! 2017

This summer provided several opportunities for teaching. So, I am sharing these with you. The recordings for each reflect the other activities of the event, so the usual quiet attention will not be present. PDF handouts are included as well.  Enjoy!

The Politics of Magick
Working to Effect Change

Presented at Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day
September 2017 – Phila., PA

About the workshop:

We live in rapidly changing times and the work we do at all levels is more important now than ever! This collaborative workshop will discuss the use of magick individually and collectively; needs vs. wants; ethical intention, how inclusive we are;how far the work extends and more.

RCF Wrkshp-The Politics of Magick-PPPD2017
Fight Back Without Empowering What You’re Fighting Against – Mindful
The Politics of Magick-Resource Handout

Bonus Reading:
A 101 yr. Old’s Advice


audio-PPPD2017-The Politics of Magick

Coming Soon! The Inner Chamber Youtube Channel..

Stay tuned for the launch of a new Youtube Channel

The Inner Chamber will explore studies in Western Hermetics, Magick, Practical Spirituality and Eastern Philosphy.

Topics include these and more for the seeker on the Path:

Hermetic Qabalah
Energetic Anatomy
Lunar and Solar Magick
Consciousness and the Parts of SELF
In Devotion to the Divine
Ritual and Creating Sacred Space
Pathworkings and Meditations
Developing a Personal Spiritual Practice

More info to follow and official launch date in September! I hope you will join me in 

The Inner Chamber

A Summer Special: Celestial Tides

Please enjoy this free sample of the latest Temple of the Moon Series 2017-Part Four. We just completed this 3-wk. course and as a thank you checking out Teachings on the Path, the full 3-week session is available to sample and enjoy. You will have access to live audio recordings, handouts and the visuals to enhance the ritual component of the course.

About The Course:

Celestial Tides
Days of Light, Dark and Balance

Great power is held in the magick of the Equinoxes and the Solstices. These are times of change and the balance of the Equinox offers the point of neutrality between the burgeoning Light and Dark of the Solstices. The Great Wheel of the Year uses these days of power as anchor and stimulus for the Sabbats of Devotion held between.

This 3-wk series will provide the lore of these celestial tides, the astrological points of note and reveal the gifts of cyclical nature that are held in the honoring of these auspicious days.

The classes will be a synthesis of experience, theory and techniques for enhancing ritual and personal practice.

How To Access Your Course:

Click here for more information about downloading materials and more. And, be sure to read through the Copyrights page about sharing and author attributions.

Ready, set and let’s explore the Celestial Tides…


Questions and comments are gladly welcomed. And, if you’ve enjoyed this course, consider joining me for a live class if you’re in the area, or access the full listing of previously held coursework, pathworkings and other freebies..

More Free Courses:
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Blessings on your Teachings journey…. Robin

From participants…

“……This course contains so much helpful, useful material! I have already begun to incorporate many themes into my practice. Fascinating how this information has been used across cultures throughout humanity’s existence.  Wonderful presentation with working suggestions to catalyze your journey.  Blessings, MQ “

Awakening to Magick! Available Soon…


Awakening to Magick was the featured focus this year for the Pagan Experience Study Group. As we complete the sixth and final installment of classes on the series the audio and handouts will be made available soon.

Part One: Elementary Magick: 5 Levels of Alchemy
Part Two: Ecstatic Awakening: Opening to the Fires
Part Three: The Witch, the Tree and the Journey of No Steps
Part Four: Converging Paths: The Streams of East and West
Part Five: The Temple of the Divine
Part Six: Developing the Magickal Persona

Check back late-December for more information about each and a peek at next year’s classes.