Welcome to The Temple of Hermetic Wisdom 2022

The PE Study group celebrates its 10th year of learning with our classes for 2022. This Year’s Series focuses on the Hermetic Disciplines that form the foundation of a robust, grounded and successful magickal practice to empower your personal great work. These classes will be an inclusive multi-source series weaving a field of connectivity of Esbats, Sabbats, theory, praxis, meditations and more. We will craft a personal astral Temple as we progress through each of the multi-session courses.

Each of the individual classes will be highly experiential employing both theory and practice that may be used as part of your spiritual practice, and will employ a variety of tools for maximum effect, including:

· Meditations/pathworkings and contemplative journaling
· Discussion and Experiential
· Suggested personal practice
· Resources and more…

Although, the greatest benefit is derived from participating in all of the sessions, they are content rich as stand alone components. Those seeking membership in Coven of the Mystic Path should plan to attend these classes.

This year the Pagan Experience Study Group will explore some of the Hermetic disciplines that provide the foundations for a complete spiritual/magickal practice.

All classes are recorded and uploaded along with the handout/pdf for the individual sessions. These files are maintained on a password protected page and upon registering for a series you will receive the link and password to access your files.

There Are Several Ways to Join Our Explorations

  • Register and participate in real time on the date/time that class is being held;
  • Register and participate on your own timeline. All files are downloadable for you to enjoy at your convenience;
  • Register for previously offered classes within the series and access the files for download and your own personal study.

Classes available for purchase and access:

Part One:The Keys to Your Temple 2-wks

TOHW-Part One-The Keys to Your Temple

An overview of the Hermetic Disciplines that form the core foundation of spiritual/magickal practice. Topics will include: Hermetic Qabalah, Sacred Geometry, Astrology, The Universal laws, The Major Arcana and Personal Alchemy.


Part Two: The Hermetic Tree of Knowledge-Qabalah 4-wks

TOHW-Part Two-The Hermetic Tree of Knowledge

This exploration focuses on the Hermetic Tree of Life as we begin laying the foundations of our Temple of Hermetic Wisdom. Topics include: Qabalah Boot Camp (the Basics); Practical Application of the Sephiroth and Paths; some traditional correspondences and more.


Part Three: The Art of Design-Sacred Geometry 3-Wks

The Art of Design-Sacred Geometry

This 3-week class will provide an overview of Sacred Geometry and the energy of vibration that is present within every line, circle, dot, shape and more.  Patterns have long been used in Hermetic practices and the wealth of wisdom captured in the structures created affect the mundane and magickal realms.  This series of classes will provide the participant with a collection of the basic geometric imagery used for magickal/spiritual practice and an exploration of some lesser known patterns and more.


Part Four: 21-Doorways 3-wks


21-Doorways: Moving Inward-The Major Arcana

This 3-week class will explore the Hermetic discipline of divination using the Keys of the Major Arcana. We will discuss the use of the tarot cards for contemplative and practical application. As we move through the “Journey of the Fool” and the three parts of s/Self and aspects of consciousness. This series of classes will provide the participant with a deeper understanding of the Major Arcana and its Keys as doorways to the spiritual/magickal being within. Topics will include: The basics of divination; Exploration of the symbology of numbers, colors and imagery used in the Keys of the Major Arcana: Contemplative and practical application of the Keys and more.. Theory and Praxis will be incorporated into each of the classes supporting practical application to any spiritual practice.


Part 5: The Ladder of Stars- Astrology 3-wks.

Book with hard cover isolated on white

The Ladder of Stars: Moving Out Into the Universe

This 3-week class will explore the Hermetic discipline of Astrology. We will discuss the practical application of astrological components to inform your magick. This series of classes will provide the participant with a deeper understanding of the Astrological energies, the Cosmic connection to planetary gifts and its cultivation of resonance as a Key to our place as Universal and Cosmic citizens. Topics will include: The basics of Astrology; Discussion of the correlates of the Zodiac, planetary influence and the sentient wisdom that is inherent within the Cosmos; Exploration of the cycle of movement within the Astrological Wheel: Contemplative and practical application of astrological energies and more.. Theory and Praxis will be incorporated into each of the classes supporting practical application to any spiritual practice.


Part 6: The Laws of Order and Chaos


The Laws of Order and Chaos: Rules of the Temple-The Universal Laws

This 4-week class will explore the Hermetic discipline of The Universal Laws. We will discuss each of these laws and how they impact the physical and spiritual realms. Once acknowledged and understood, these laws will inform all of your magickal/spiritual practice and create the patterns of energetic alignment within the individual. ​Topics will include: Each of The Universal Laws;​ Application to the Hermetic Tree of Life; The expression of the Universal Laws in other Hermetic Disciplines; Discussion of their variations and implications in magickal, occult and spiritual practices: Contemplative and practical application of the Universal Laws.. ​Theory and Praxis will be incorporated into each of the classes supporting practical application to any spiritual practice. ​​


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Free Select-a-Course

Many of us are unable to attend gatherings and continue with our studies in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to offer access to one course of your selection at no charge to you, There are some freebies on this site already, but this offer extends to those that have occurred as fee-based offerings.

How This Works:

* Take a look at the list of course offerings and descriptions. These can be found in the drop down menu – INDEX OF COURSES…

* Select the course you would like to access and complete the CONTACT US (top row of tabs): Follow the link to access the contact form and request your course.

* When I receive your request, I will email you the link to the password protected page of files (handouts and audio) and provide you with the password.

Any questions or problems accessing class descriptions please contact me directly at: rcfteaching@yahoo.com or rcfteaching@gmail.com

Currently in Session and Available…

The Temple of the Sun
Part Two

Egyptian Alchemy

Opening the Way

This 7-week series will explore the philosophies and components of Egyptian High Alchemy and its intention of transforming the psyche of the ordinary human into the illuminated being of spiritual power and essence.

Self-awareness, accessing our subtle vibrations and the seamless interface between the human and the Divine prime the physical vessel to awaken to their body of light and mantle of the Human Divine. Topics will include:

Traditional Alchemy and the High Alchemy of Egypt
Energetic Anatomy and Spiritual Practice
The Egyptian concept of the parts of the Soul
Sound and vibration within the Cosmos
The Heka of Aset and Asar (Isis and Osiris)
Rebirth as Horus
And, more….

Read more and register here…. Temple of the Sun 2018

Out and About Freebies! 2017

This summer provided several opportunities for teaching. So, I am sharing these with you. The recordings for each reflect the other activities of the event, so the usual quiet attention will not be present. PDF handouts are included as well.  Enjoy!

The Politics of Magick
Working to Effect Change

Presented at Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day
September 2017 – Phila., PA

About the workshop:

We live in rapidly changing times and the work we do at all levels is more important now than ever! This collaborative workshop will discuss the use of magick individually and collectively; needs vs. wants; ethical intention, how inclusive we are;how far the work extends and more.

RCF Wrkshp-The Politics of Magick-PPPD2017
Fight Back Without Empowering What You’re Fighting Against – Mindful
The Politics of Magick-Resource Handout

Bonus Reading:
A 101 yr. Old’s Advice


audio-PPPD2017-The Politics of Magick

Coming Soon! The Inner Chamber Youtube Channel..

Stay tuned for the launch of a new Youtube Channel

The Inner Chamber will explore studies in Western Hermetics, Magick, Practical Spirituality and Eastern Philosphy.

Topics include these and more for the seeker on the Path:

Hermetic Qabalah
Energetic Anatomy
Lunar and Solar Magick
Consciousness and the Parts of SELF
In Devotion to the Divine
Ritual and Creating Sacred Space
Pathworkings and Meditations
Developing a Personal Spiritual Practice

More info to follow and official launch date in September! I hope you will join me in 

The Inner Chamber

Awakening to Magick! Available Soon…


Awakening to Magick was the featured focus this year for the Pagan Experience Study Group. As we complete the sixth and final installment of classes on the series the audio and handouts will be made available soon.

Part One: Elementary Magick: 5 Levels of Alchemy
Part Two: Ecstatic Awakening: Opening to the Fires
Part Three: The Witch, the Tree and the Journey of No Steps
Part Four: Converging Paths: The Streams of East and West
Part Five: The Temple of the Divine
Part Six: Developing the Magickal Persona

Check back late-December for more information about each and a peek at next year’s classes.