Welcome to The Temple of Hermetic Wisdom 2022

The PE Study group celebrates its 10th year of learning with our classes for 2022. This Year’s Series focuses on the Hermetic Disciplines that form the foundation of a robust, grounded and successful magickal practice to empower your personal great work. These classes will be an inclusive multi-source series weaving a field of connectivity of Esbats, Sabbats, theory, praxis, meditations and more. We will craft a personal astral Temple as we progress through each of the multi-session courses.

Each of the individual classes will be highly experiential employing both theory and practice that may be used as part of your spiritual practice, and will employ a variety of tools for maximum effect, including:

· Meditations/pathworkings and contemplative journaling
· Discussion and Experiential
· Suggested personal practice
· Resources and more…

Although, the greatest benefit is derived from participating in all of the sessions, they are content rich as stand alone components. Those seeking membership in Coven of the Mystic Path should plan to attend these classes.

This year the Pagan Experience Study Group will explore some of the Hermetic disciplines that provide the foundations for a complete spiritual/magickal practice.

All classes are recorded and uploaded along with the handout/pdf for the individual sessions. These files are maintained on a password protected page and upon registering for a series you will receive the link and password to access your files.

There Are Several Ways to Join Our Explorations

  • Register and participate in real time on the date/time that class is being held;
  • Register and participate on your own timeline. All files are downloadable for you to enjoy at your convenience;
  • Register for previously offered classes within the series and access the files for download and your own personal study.

Classes available for purchase and access:

Part One:The Keys to Your Temple 2-wks

TOHW-Part One-The Keys to Your Temple

An overview of the Hermetic Disciplines that form the core foundation of spiritual/magickal practice. Topics will include: Hermetic Qabalah, Sacred Geometry, Astrology, The Universal laws, The Major Arcana and Personal Alchemy.


Part Two: The Hermetic Tree of Knowledge-Qabalah 4-wks

TOHW-Part Two-The Hermetic Tree of Knowledge

This exploration focuses on the Hermetic Tree of Life as we begin laying the foundations of our Temple of Hermetic Wisdom. Topics include: Qabalah Boot Camp (the Basics); Practical Application of the Sephiroth and Paths; some traditional correspondences and more.


Part Three: The Art of Design-Sacred Geometry 3-Wks

The Art of Design-Sacred Geometry

This 3-week class will provide an overview of Sacred Geometry and the energy of vibration that is present within every line, circle, dot, shape and more.  Patterns have long been used in Hermetic practices and the wealth of wisdom captured in the structures created affect the mundane and magickal realms.  This series of classes will provide the participant with a collection of the basic geometric imagery used for magickal/spiritual practice and an exploration of some lesser known patterns and more.


go to: RCFennelly Teaching Schedule

Classes begin: March 23.2022 3-wks: March 23 – 30 and April 6

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