Celestial Magick and Its Workings

Celestial Magick and Its Workings


This workshop explores the use of astrology and the planetary energies for Magick. We will discuss how these energies may be applied to Solar and Lunar magick, spellwork, ritual and personal devotion. Topics include refinement of the celestial energies through the use of planetary seals, glyphs and celestial timing, including eclipses and planetary retrogrades. The material is taught in a format that is suitable to all levels of astrological understanding.

Length: 2 hrs.

How To Save and Access The Files

File Format:

The handouts are provided in pdf format. To save your files, right click and select the save option.

Audio files are in mp3 format. The link will open on another page. Right-click the player to download and save the file to your computer.


Master Document

Celestial Magick-wrkshp SM2015

Supplemental Documents

Celestial Magick Reading and Resources

Jupiter Planetary Sigil

Lunar Phase Working

PracticalCraft #3-HandoutNumerology

PracticalCraft-Prosperity Spell #1

Seals and Intelligences

WIStars BodyPlanet Session4

Live Audio-mp3

Click below for link to download as mp3 file:

Celestial Magick-SM2015

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