The Temple of the Shadow 2019

Welcome to 2019 and our featured classes this year within the Temple of the Shadow. Each block of classes will explore another way of perceiving and assimilating the lessons and transformation of doing the work of the Shadow nature.

This 5-Part Series begins with an Introduction to the Qliphoth…….

Part One:

Into the Shadow of the Hermetic Tree
An Introduction to the Qliphoth

January 15 – March 5

The Qliphoth translates to “peels”, “shells” or “husks”, and is traditionally considered the representation of evil or impure spiritual forces in Jewish mysticism.

This series will explore the polarities of energy and assignation found in the Hermetic Tree of Life and its shadow nature held within the Qliphoth or Tree of Evil.

We will move through these Trees, learning the basics of each and how to use the energy of the shadow as a different layer of foundation for all of your spiritual endeavors.

These classes will be a combination of theory, experiential and discussion.

Note: Prior knowledge of the Hermetic Qabalah is NOT required.

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Into the Shadow of the Tree: An Introduction to the Qliphoth

The Temple of the Shadow: Part One Fee for 8-wk. session


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Part Two: April 2 – April 23   4-wks.        FEE: $45
The Psyche of the Dark Moon: Unveiling the Hidden

The Moon has remained cloaked in mystery for centuries and its potency and archetypal effects for transformation are palpable and very personal. The Dark Moon of Lilith has garnered fear and avoidance in many practices despite a energy that is deeply anchored in the core of our primal form.

This series of classes will explore the essence of the Dark Moon in all of her forms; its impact on the psyche and its power of use in unveiling the Shadow within our Spiritual nature. These classes will be highly experiential and we will find our own points of connection to the Goddesses and gifts of the Dark Moon.

What to bring:
A journal to be dedicated to the Dark Moon

The Psyche of the Dark Moon: Unveiling the Hidden

4-wk. Session


Part Three: May 28 – June 18 4-wks.       FEE: $45
The Temple of the Shadow and the Hermit’s Lantern
The Hermit Key of the Tarot is a card of change and transformation. We learn the lessons of seeking wisdom from our inner sources of inspiration and cultivating the space of enlightenment that may be brought forth into the world. But, what of the experience itself?

This series of classes will explore the many ways that the Hermit presents itself in our spiritual development and our magick. Topics will include:

Becoming the Hermit
Birth in the Shadow
A Darker Lantern of Knowing
Gnosis and the Great Paradigm
The Paradox of Light, and more…..

The final week will include a mini-ritual-“The Temple of the Hermit”- where we will claim our lantern in the shadows.

Note: Knowledge of the Tarot NOT required

The Temple of the Shadow in the Hermit’s Lantern

4-wk Session


Part Four: September 17 – October 29 7-wks.     FEE: $70
The Labyrinth of the Dark Goddess
The Dark Goddess Hecate stands at the crossroads and offers challenge to all who will overcome their fears and embrace the work of the shadow of transformation. If we overlay the energy of the Labyrinth on this intersection of the four roads, we see the deeper levels of insight and complexity that await those who accept the wisdom of Hecate.

This workshop will open to Hecate in the form of the labyrinth of time that spirals first in and down towards the core of Self and then returns along the same Path forever transformed. Her tripartite nature as Maiden, Mother and Crone will be discussed and her role as guardian of the dead will be called upon for the concluding Ancestor ritual.

The Labyrinth of the Dark Goddess

7-wk. Session


Part Five: November 12 – December 10 5-wks.    FEE: $50
The Gates of Illuminated Darkness
This workshop concludes the Temple of the Shadow series and heralds the work of stepping into the brilliance of a light refined and rarified. We will explore the nature of the self to retreat into the comfort of an unauthentic pattern of being and the fear of crossing through the barriers of our own making into a more refined light of change and growth.

We will step through seven layers of being as we explore the subtle and mundane nature of each and arrive at the final gate of illumination prepared and empowered to reveal the brilliance of our true nature.

The Gate of Illuminated Darkness

5-wk. Session