Craft of the Wise: Part Four-Other Paths

The Craft of the Wise: Part Four
Other Paths

The Tree of Life

This course was presented in November 2015
Fee of $50

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Length: 2.5 hrs. per session

This 2-session course is an introduction to Qabalah within the Western Mystery Tradition. Discussion of the spheres and paths of the Tree, their unique energies and practical application will be the focus. This is an excellent course for those who have found Qabalistic study to be overwhelming.

Part Four: Course Syllabus

Session One: An Overview of the Hermetic Tree of Life
Session Two: The Spheres of the Tree of Life and **Pathworking Through the Tree.

** The live session audio for Session Two indicates preparation for a ritual that was given as experience of the Tree of Life. This was not recorded. In its place is the Pathworking that replicates that journey through the spheres of the Tree.