It’s Written in the Stars: Sessions Four and Five Now Available!

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We’ve just celebrated the Equinox and have been under the intensity of 3 Outer Planets Retrogrades. Written in the Stars Sessions 4 and 5 explore the energies of the Planets and their gifts and challenges. 

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It’s Written in the Stars: An Introduction to Astrology

At this point in our astrological studies I would also recommend that you read through the posts on my astrology blog: Temple of the Cosmic Spheres. The information found there will support and deepen the understanding you are building of the celestial world.

Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

It’s Written in the Stars: An Introduction to Astrology

WIStars Promo pic

A 9-Wk Live Session Course of Study

The study of Astrology has been a topic of interest and mystery from Ancient times. The relationship between the stars and planets at one’s time of birth and the impact of those celestial bodies on the course of a lifetime has been debated and disputed, but the scientific facts based on astronomy and its findings have uncannily been in support of many of the theory surrounding astrology.

This 9-wk series will provide the core concepts, definitions and basic understanding of an astrological (or natal) chart. You will use your individual natal chart as starting point of analysis and reference.

Topics will include:

• An Overview of Astrology as Science and Mystery
• The Astrological Signs of the Zodiac
• The Houses
• The Ruling Planets
• Aspects and more

Weekly Homework includes:

• Glossary Building
• Natal Chart Observation/Meditation (Topic Related)
• Reading (optional). If you wish to follow along with the reading assignments, please acquire a copy of:

The Only Way to Learn Astrology by Marion D. March and Joan McEvers

Length: 2.5 hrs. per session

Session One
FEE: $25

Course Overview of the Language and Tools of Astrology and Preparation for Study
Session One includes all of the handouts needed for that session’s work as well as additional resources that will be used throughout the course. We begin our studies with a Self-Test to see what your baseline of knowledge is.

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Sessions Two – Nine
FEE: $15 per session

A New Session In the Series will be Added every two-three weeks to allow for time to process and work with the information. 

Session Two: The Astrological Signs- Part 1
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Session Three: The Astrological Signs- Part 2

Session Four: The Planets- Part 1
Self-Test #2

Session Five: The Planets- Part 2

Session Six: The Houses- Part 1
Self-Test # 3

Session Seven: The Houses- Part 2

Session Eight: Aspects, Asteroids and the Nodes
Self-Test #4

Session Nine: Chart Delineation
Final Test

Additional Resources Included:

Sample Astrological Report
Recommended Reading
Additional Correspondences
Sample Astrological Ritual