Back to School with Two New Courses!

In the spirit of learning and back to school, I’ll be adding two new courses from..

The Craft of the Wise Series


About the Craft of the Wise Series..

The Craft of the Wise is a 4-part series exploring the practices of Wicca and related magickal studies. Each part focuses on a body of work that will enhance both the beginner and the experienced practitioner.

An introduction to Traditions, and specifically The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel is incorporated into Part III to give a broad perspective of how the pagan community specializes in practice and have example of a Tradition that has been successful in multiple expressions of its outreach. Each of the individual classes employs a variety of tools for maximum effect, including:

Experiential practice
Suggested personal practice
Resources and more…

Note: Although, the greatest benefit is derived from study of the entire Series, each Part and the sessions contained within are content rich as stand alone components.

The Craft of the Wise:Part One
Forming the Foundations of Practice
(April 2015)

This course was presented as a 9-week session and each class is 2.5 hrs in length.

Session One: Wicca, History and Lore
Session Two: The Natural World – Elements and More
Session Three: The Divine World – Deity and Pantheons
Session Four: The Wheel of the Year: Devotion and Celebration – The Wheel of Light
Session Five: The Wheel of the Year: Devotion and Celebration – The Wheel of Dark
Session Six: The Tools of the Craft
Session Seven: Creating Sacred Space – Part 1
Session Eight: Creating Sacred Space – Part 2
Session Nine: Magickal Ethics and Etiquette

FEE: $15 per Session/$90 for all 9 sessions

Craft of the Wise: Part Two
Branching Out – The Temple of Cosmic Spheres
(August 2015)

This course was a day-long study of the principles and practices of Lunar and Solar Magick. Discussion of the application of planetary energy and its use as an effective tool of enrichment or magickal working provides the keys of connecting to the Cosmic world. This intensive also includes an introduction the the basic principles of astrology. This course was presented as a 5-hr intensive and concludes with a pathworking of journey through the Cosmos.

FEE: $45

Links to the course pages and order info will be available soon.        Happy Learning!