Happy Solstice and Launch Day!


Happy Summer Solstice! Today is focused on the Sun’s light- whether it be Waxing or Waning. Mind, heart and body are all seeking the illumination and strengthening of the  Sun Lord’s gifts and a renewed Spirit to carry us forward towards the next Solstice.

It is for these gifts that I have chosen the Solstice as Launch Day for Teachings on the Path. The first selection of courses are:

It’s Written in the Stars: An Introduction to Astrology

A Walk Through the Major Arcana- Tarot

Please review the “Accessing the Files” and “Copyrights” pages. The Index of Courses page will offer listing of those courses available.

So, let the Sun shine – Here and Now and Forever Within!

I ask for the blessings of the increased clarity of Light that reveals the mysteries of our spiritual teachings.

I ask for the blessings of Solar Lord’s energy to weave its gift of intention and fuel the resources that feed the hunger of our souls for learning.

And, I ask the blessing of being able to serve our community in sharing the gift of knowledge and in so doing set the fires ablaze in all seekers on a path of joy and enchantment.


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