Out and About Freebies! 2017

This summer provided several opportunities for teaching. So, I am sharing these with you. The recordings for each reflect the other activities of the event, so the usual quiet attention will not be present. PDF handouts are included as well.  Enjoy!

The Politics of Magick
Working to Effect Change

Presented at Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day
September 2017 – Phila., PA

About the workshop:

We live in rapidly changing times and the work we do at all levels is more important now than ever! This collaborative workshop will discuss the use of magick individually and collectively; needs vs. wants; ethical intention, how inclusive we are;how far the work extends and more.

RCF Wrkshp-The Politics of Magick-PPPD2017
Fight Back Without Empowering What You’re Fighting Against – Mindful
The Politics of Magick-Resource Handout

Bonus Reading:
A 101 yr. Old’s Advice


audio-PPPD2017-The Politics of Magick

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