A Summer Special: Celestial Tides

Please enjoy this free sample of the latest Temple of the Moon Series 2017-Part Four. We just completed this 3-wk. course and as a thank you checking out Teachings on the Path, the full 3-week session is available to sample and enjoy. You will have access to live audio recordings, handouts and the visuals to enhance the ritual component of the course.

About The Course:

Celestial Tides
Days of Light, Dark and Balance

Great power is held in the magick of the Equinoxes and the Solstices. These are times of change and the balance of the Equinox offers the point of neutrality between the burgeoning Light and Dark of the Solstices. The Great Wheel of the Year uses these days of power as anchor and stimulus for the Sabbats of Devotion held between.

This 3-wk series will provide the lore of these celestial tides, the astrological points of note and reveal the gifts of cyclical nature that are held in the honoring of these auspicious days.

The classes will be a synthesis of experience, theory and techniques for enhancing ritual and personal practice.

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Ready, set and let’s explore the Celestial Tides…


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Blessings on your Teachings journey…. Robin

From participants…

“……This course contains so much helpful, useful material! I have already begun to incorporate many themes into my practice. Fascinating how this information has been used across cultures throughout humanity’s existence.  Wonderful presentation with working suggestions to catalyze your journey.  Blessings, MQ “

First Look! Celestial Magick and Its Workings

Celestial Magick and Its Workings


This workshop explores the use of astrology and the planetary energies for Magick. We will discuss how these energies may be applied to Solar and Lunar magick, spellwork, ritual and personal devotion. Topics include refinement of the celestial energies through the use of planetary seals, glyphs and celestial timing, including eclipses and planetary retrogrades. The material is taught in a format that is suitable to all levels of astrological understanding.

Length: 2 hrs.

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Master Document

Celestial Magick-wrkshp SM2015

Supplemental Documents

Celestial Magick Reading and Resources

Jupiter Planetary Sigil

Lunar Phase Working

PracticalCraft #3-HandoutNumerology

PracticalCraft-Prosperity Spell #1

Seals and Intelligences

WIStars BodyPlanet Session4

Live Audio-mp3

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Celestial Magick-SM2015