Out and About Freebies

This summer provided several opportunities for teaching. So, I am sharing these with you. The recordings for each reflect the other activities of the event, so the usual quiet attention will not be present. PDF handouts are included as well.  Enjoy!

Awakening the Inner Sun
Presented at Delmarva Pagan Pride Festival
August 2015 – Dover, Delaware

About the workshop:
This workshop is part of the Elementary Magick series and explores the use of Fire in magickal practice. This is the magick of Will and we, as practitioners must cultivate those fires that flow within. Topics will include discussion of how we can harness this inner fire and how to direct that energy once aroused towards magickal and spiritual development. The class will include an experiential component and suggested exercises to keep the fires burning.

DDPP-Awakening the Inner Sun pdf.

AwakeningInnerSun DelPPD2015 audio mp3

Developing the Magickal PersonaDevMagickalPersonaPresented at Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day
September 2015 – Phila., PA

About the workshop:
Regardless of your chosen Pagan path, at some point in your studies the concept of developing a Magickal Persona will be encountered as a tool extraordinaire in support of your practice. This class will explore what the magickal persona is and how it serves as interface for our magickal and sacred workings, We will discuss the components that are present as the Magickal Persona arises, how to develop and strengthen its presence and how it may be used to further spiritual practice and engagement of the Great Work.

Developing the Magickal Persona       pdf Handout

MagickalPersona PhilPPD2015    Audio-mp3