Happy Solstice and Launch Day!


Happy Summer Solstice! Today is focused on the Sun’s light- whether it be Waxing or Waning. Mind, heart and body are all seeking the illumination and strengthening of the  Sun Lord’s gifts and a renewed Spirit to carry us forward towards the next Solstice.

It is for these gifts that I have chosen the Solstice as Launch Day for Teachings on the Path. The first selection of courses are:

It’s Written in the Stars: An Introduction to Astrology

A Walk Through the Major Arcana- Tarot

Please review the “Accessing the Files” and “Copyrights” pages. The Index of Courses page will offer listing of those courses available.

So, let the Sun shine – Here and Now and Forever Within!

I ask for the blessings of the increased clarity of Light that reveals the mysteries of our spiritual teachings.

I ask for the blessings of Solar Lord’s energy to weave its gift of intention and fuel the resources that feed the hunger of our souls for learning.

And, I ask the blessing of being able to serve our community in sharing the gift of knowledge and in so doing set the fires ablaze in all seekers on a path of joy and enchantment.


A Walk Through the Major Arcana


Length: 5hrs.
FEE: $50

This workshop moves through the cards of the Major Arcana as metaphors for our spiritual journey and application of the “Journey of the Fool”. Each card is explored in poetic representation and through pathworking to reveal the underlying theme of transformation and deeper understanding that may be used in practical application both our mundane and spiritual paths. We will discuss the psychological interface of each of the cards and their individual archetypal energies.

The class will conclude with a Pathworking, allowing each participant to attune to the energies of a randomly selected card.


  • Prior knowledge of the tarot is helpful, but not required.
  • A visual Study Sheet of the cards is supplied, but I would highly recommend purchasing a deck of the Rider-Waite Tarot cards for future study.

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First Look! Celestial Magick and Its Workings

Celestial Magick and Its Workings


This workshop explores the use of astrology and the planetary energies for Magick. We will discuss how these energies may be applied to Solar and Lunar magick, spellwork, ritual and personal devotion. Topics include refinement of the celestial energies through the use of planetary seals, glyphs and celestial timing, including eclipses and planetary retrogrades. The material is taught in a format that is suitable to all levels of astrological understanding.

Length: 2 hrs.

How To Save and Access The Files

File Format:

The handouts are provided in pdf format. To save your files, right click and select the save option.

Audio files are in mp3 format. The link will open on another page. Right-click the player to download and save the file to your computer.


Master Document

Celestial Magick-wrkshp SM2015

Supplemental Documents

Celestial Magick Reading and Resources

Jupiter Planetary Sigil

Lunar Phase Working

PracticalCraft #3-HandoutNumerology

PracticalCraft-Prosperity Spell #1

Seals and Intelligences

WIStars BodyPlanet Session4

Live Audio-mp3

Click below for link to download as mp3 file:

Celestial Magick-SM2015


Welcome to Teachings on the Path: A Space of Learning….


In my many years of teaching workshops, I’ve had the privilege of seeing students’ eyes light up during an, “Ah-ha!” moment, or at the confirmation that what they had intuitively concluded had solid foundations in another’s revelations.

Now, in this age of technology and with the ability to access podcasts, audio recordings of lectures and to enrich your learning at any hour of the day that you wish, this next step seemed like a natural choice. Distance and scheduling should not be a barrier to those who would like to attend a workshop and set their own course of study. With these thoughts in mind, Teachings on the Path is launched!

New courses will be added as they become available. These will include the audio recordings of the live sessions and downloadable PDF’s of the handouts for each class. The courses will include a variety of topics that are intended to enrich your spiritual/magickal path and encourage you to reach a little more deeply into what you believe to be true.

Most of the courses will be uploaded in their entirety, meaning that a 6-week session would be complete in its content at the time you access the material. Select courses will be available in monthly installments, depending on homework or further reading to reinforce the material being presented.

Each course will be accessed via a password that will be sent to you upon receipt of payment through Paypal. Questions that you have and would like personally answered can be submitted through an e-dress provided.

I will be setting everything up in the next two months and will have the first course available at Summer Solstice. Please use the Follow button if you would like to be notified of updates and the first class’ launching.  Comments are always welcome.

Blessings On Your Path of Learning….. Robin